A Wedding is a Mountain Peak Experience.

Marriage is as old as the human family. It is the highest of life’s relationships. It was created by our creator in the very nature of our being as men and women. The Wedding Ceremony is more than a mere formal observance; it is a sacred celebration of the highest we know in human love—the pledging of the deepest human fidelity between a man and a woman and the expression of the highest of human aspiration in bonding and intimacy. It is a special ceremony that needs to be entered into thoughtfully, deliberately, freely, and most joyfully.

As a Pastor and having conducted hundreds of ceremonies over twenty-five years, my role is to support each and every couple in their wedding and make their day a Mountain Peak Experience. Each couple comes with their own story and each Wedding Service needs to be one of a kind.

I offer each couple:

  • Personal consultation and advice.
  • A choice of Traditional based Ceremonies or Contemporary based Ceremonies.
  • An Opportunity to personally design their own Wedding Ceremony, reflecting who they are and their level of spirituality.
  • A Wedding Ceremony Booklet.
  • A Rehearsal.
  • A lot of laughs and joy in the preparation and at the ceremony.


Pastor Wayne Laurie
Tel:       250 – 212 – 0312
Email:  wlmtnpeak.com